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About Us

"The Dynamic Duo"

Hi! We are Johnny and Rachelle, "The Dynamic Duo!"  Husband and wife team based out of Oakville, Ontario. We found each other online and discovered that we had music and creativity in common; and the rest, as they say, is history.

Welcome to our place, where creativity is fostered and dreams blossom into reality. We started New Creation Studios because we love to spread the joy that creativity and working together brings. Whether you want to entice your audience with a song, tell a story with a video, or express yourself with a photo, we offer you the creativity and the tools to make that vision into a reality.

Johnny and Rachelle

Pink Bubbles
Meet Johnny

Family Man, Film lover, Adventurer

A kind and genuine person.  Johnny has a love for warm weather and the outdoors.  He's a risk-taker at heart who tries talking me into wild adventures, like swimming with sharks in Miami.  The way he lives life by doing good to others is nothing short of inspiring to anyone who knows him.  He’s always looking for ways to bring brightness into the world through music or the lens.  On downtime, you'll find Johnny and some of his close friends going to the movies to catch a good film; with a quick stop at the concession stand to get popcorn, of course. Johnny also loves a good concert, especially when some of his guitar heroes come to town.

Meet Rachelle

Traveller, Fashionista, Zumba Enthusiast

She loves to see the joy that music brings to her students. This is her highest reward. She is an amazing teacher and I think she has a very important job; shaping young minds.Her heart is tender and full of love for people. Although she may hide it sometimes, she's very soft hearted. Our cat Coco will confirm that. Being the artist, she enjoys photography and creating in many forms, including music.Rachelle often enjoys her long time hobby of "thrifting". She will scour the flea markets and antique stores in search of treasure for her online vintage shop, which she sometimes uses on our photo shoots.


If you think you're ready to connect, let's start by getting to know one another!

Reach out and click the link below. Let us know a little about you and tell us what your vision is.

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